Nov 1997 - Fashion Cafe London.

March 1998 - Peugeot Jazz commercial.

June 1998 - Kai Wiechman photoshoot for Audi Germany.

Kang Nahal, Jimi 'The Quiff', Sinbad Phgura and Ammo 'Too Sweet'.

6th July '98 - The Players on the set of Cleopatra 'I Want You Back'.

6th August '98 - Kang 'Fu' leaves the group, later that same day Ammo and Jimi perform with Pat Cesar and Mark Diaz (Quite Storm) for a Jeffrey Williams concert at Subterranea.

Jimi 'The Quiff' Stars in a Fanta campaign 'Get in The Frame'.

11th August '98 - Sinbad, Ammo and Jimi appear in Sukhbir's (Bhangra superstar) 'Ishq' music video which goes on to be one of the most played on MTV India.

27th August - The Players now officially become 'The Twilight Players'. Sinbad, Ammo and Jimi open the 'UK B-Boy Champs 98' at Brixton Academy.

Sinbad presents the official video 'All That Style' of the 1999 UK B-Boy Champs.